3 Keys to Winterizing Your Cabin


  1. Turn Off and Drain All Water: Shut off the main, and drain the faucets, toilets, showers, tubs, outdoor spigots, water heaters, water softeners, appliances and anything else that is connected to the water supply.
  2. Unplug Electronics. This includes major appliances, which should be cleaned out prior, and everything else. This will not only save money on the utility bills, but it will also help prevent a fire from frayed wires.
  3. Gas: In long term situations it is recommended to turn off the gas as well, and shut off all appliances that use it.

Cabin season will be back before you know it, and you will want the place to look great for you and your guests. Logstairways by Schneider Construction can help add charming features to any cabin or home.

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3 Unique Features to Add to Your Home Décor


  1. Skylight: Are you looking for a way to increase your home’s supply of natural light? Installing skylights is a great way to bring the sun’s rays right into your living areas.
  2. Statement Wall: A statement wall is an awesome feature to add to any home. A statement wall acts as a focal point, to effectively help guests’ eyes move through the space.
  3. Decorative Staircase: Are you looking for a different kind of decoration? Replace your boring staircase with a cool, custom-made staircase, perfectly created to suite your specific taste.

Would you like to add a decorative staircase into your home? Logstairways offers fabulous, custom crafted stairways, to add intrigue to any room.

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Extension Timber

Timber extension is used to support the log stringers.

Timber extension is used to support the log stringers.

Two log stringers rest below the half log treads often making the need for an extension if the second floor system is not deep enough. A typical floor system is 12″, the Full Scribe Stairway would require approximately 18″ of floor depth. Logstairways can provide an extension timber to match the log stairway.

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Birdsmouth Notch

The Birds mouth joint is commonly used in boat building and roof rafter construction industries. Logstairways by Daniel Schneider Construction Inc uses the birds mouth joint or birds beak as a space saving technique in our full scribe stairway construction. It allows the run (horizontal space) of the stairway to take up less space. Typically used where the stairway meets the well opening of the basement stair opening but can also be used where the stairway meets a landing component.

birds mouth beak

Birds Mouth Notch

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Importance of Stairway Design

Curved Log stair

Half log treads rest on curved full log stringers.

Often times the staircase is one of the first things people see when they walk into your home, shouldn’t it stand out? A regular staircase doesn’t draw attention at while a creative staircase that still efficiently serves its functional purpose can have a huge impact on the look of your home.

The design options for your staircase will depend on the size of your home but the aesthetics are completely up to you! There are endless styles, railing options, and materials you can use to create the perfect stairway for your home.

For high quality log stairway designs please visit http://www.logstairways.com/

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